Reconstructive Knee, Hip and Trauma Devices and Implants    


Covision’s hip range includes cemented and cementless stems and cups in a variety of types.
The cemented stems have different designs and for the various types of the cementless stems we offer different coating options like Ti plasma and HA, partial and complete and single and double coatings.
The liners come in different types of PE and there is also a Ceramic option.
Modular heads come in a variety of sizes and can be supplied in CoCr and Ceramic.
In addition to the standard heads we also offer uni-polar and bi-polar versions.
Knee Systems
The designs of our implants are based on well proven technologies whose long term use has been proven to deliver excellent clinical outcomes.

We offer orthopaedic solutions for each implant scenario including all cemented, cementless, hybrid and reverse hybrid approaches and procedures.

Instrument Sets

Each hip system has a dedicated instrument set that is supplied in a number of metal cases.
These instrument sets and all the implants are produced in our manufacturing facility.
Hip Systems


You will find here electronic copies of Instructions for Use for selected Covision products to which European Regulation No. 207/2012 has been applied

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Product Group IFU NoIssue Date /IFU Revision No 
Hip Joint ImplantsCVS-IFU-01003.09.2021 / REV:03
Hip Joint ImplantsCVS-IFU-01203.09.2021 / REV:02

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