Reconstructive Knee, Hip and Trauma Devices and Implants    


The trauma portfolio from Covision includes a very broad range of titanium plates and screws for almost every indication.
The set includes locking, reconstruction and compression plates with a variety of compatible screws.

These sets include -

A range of dedicated plates for metaphyseal fractures
Wrist fusion plates
Tubular plates
Small fragment plates
Large fragment plates
Reconstruction plates

We also offer screws in a variety of diameters including -

Locking screws
Locking pegs
Cortical screws
Fully and partially threaded cancellous screws.

Cannulated and Headless screws-

Cannulated and Headless screws
Screw fixation, with intuitive instrumentation designed to simplify the surgical technique
To treat a variety of indications in small bone extremities
With a narrow trailing diameter provide the perfect solution for small bone fusions
Excellent compression aid in achieving proper bone healing

Instrument Sets

The instruments sets are procedure specific and divided in three sets and each has its related implant cases.
Wrist instruments
Small fragment instruments
Large fragment instruments

All the implants and instrument sets are made in our manufacturing facility.
Trauma Systems


You will find here electronic copies of Instructions for Use for selected Covision products to which European Regulation No. 207/2012 has been applied

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Trauma Implants (Plates-Screws)CVS-IFU-00503.09.2021 / REV:11

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